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A space of antique beauty, fit for queensWhere every wish is granted, every desire fulfilledIn luxurious style, we'll rest and relaxIn this suite, a world of pleasure and thrillSo let us embrace the bygone eraIn this suite of heritage and delightWhere memories are made to last a lifetimeAnd every moment, pure, is right


Signature Features
Check-in Time : 12 PM
Check-out Time : 10 AM

Covers 200+ sq ft of carpet area

Complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner

Round-the-clock room service

Free access to all rides

Indulge yourself in the joy of camping with your clan only at The Hidden Castle. The experience of living in tents under the starry sky is something which you should try at least once in your life. We at The Hidden Castle give you the opportunity to jam with your clan around a bonfire and create unforgettable memories.

Room Amenities

Air conditioning


Hot water

Ironing service

Food & Drink

Restaurant (Buffet)

Complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner


Housekeeping Services

Daily cleaning


Free Parking

Hotel Rules

Activities Included

Leisure Activities near THC