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Step into the world of mystery and wonder

Where secrets come aliveAntiquities on displayFrom days of long gone byIron boxes and lamp, a periscope in sightHelmet, shield, and sword, a glimpse of medieval mightGramophone and typewriter, relics of the pastStep inside, the museum's secrets are waiting to be cast

Keeping alive the past among its walls, The Hidden Castle museum is a sight to behold. Housed inside the unique styled castle, the museum is a must visit. With every nook and corner of the museum exhibiting rare art collections, it is a treat for history buffs. The exquisite art objects displayed in this museum are gathered from around the globe. Buoyant paintings, Egyptian artifacts, an age-old field camera, ancient coins of India and a collection of sand timers are some of the mementos preserved in the museum. Whether you’re a history buff or simply looking for an enchanting experience, The Hidden Castle museum has something for everyone.

But beware, the walls of this castle hold secrets beyond your wildest imagination. Are you brave enough to uncover them? Don’t miss out on the chance to discover the hidden history of The Hidden Castle. Come visit us and unlock the mysteries within!

A journey through time

Unlock the secrets of history at The Hidden Castle Museum

Iron box, railway lamp

The Hidden Castle has always been a place of mystery and intrigue, filled with treasures and artefacts from faraway lands. One of the most interesting pieces on display is the East India Company iron box, balance and railway lamp, which were brought to the castle by the owners during their travels to India.

2 in 1 tailor machine

Another fascinating item is the 2 in 1 tailor machine from Germany, which was used to create the finest garments for the castle's residents and guests. The periscope, Victorian compass, and sand timers were also used by the castle's owners as they navigated their way through the treacherous seas on their journey to India.

Ancient shield

But perhaps the most impressive artefacts in the museum are the ancient shield, sword, and helmet, which were used by the castle's defenders during times of war. These relics stand as a testament to the strength and bravery of those who once called The Hidden Castle home.


Finally, visitors can marvel at the typewriter and gramophone, which were used by the last generation of the castle's owners to record their memories and experiences. These antique objects offer a glimpse into the peaceful and leisurely life led by the castle's residents in their final years.

Ancient artifacts & treasures

Are you brave enough to uncover them?