Zest 2017 – Summer Residency at The Hidden Castle by TalentEase

Give your children and teens the Leadership Summer Camp with a Difference!
Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Choices and a Castle at the center of it all

It is summer vacation time again, and energies are running high in our children and teens. They have worked hard through their school year and you would love to gift them a fun break that is also useful for them. Break away from the conventional summer camps and let your child or teen experience the summer camp that combines what they want with what they need.


The Hidden Castle and TalentEase are providing a WINNING ALTERNATIVE to the standard Summer camps.

  • Zest XCalibre
  • Zest XCelerate

Key Takeaways

Why would your child or teen WANT to come to The Hidden Castle for this summer experience?

  • A unique Castle environment for leadership and learning with all the adventure and water activities
  • Leadership courses covering key skills and values
  • Technology Workshop option– with a unique Drone flying Lab and Game Development Lab
  • Creativity Workshop option – a Movie Lab and Drama Workshop

Leadership + Technology + Creativity – with the common denominator of FUN

Enroll your child in the coolest Summer Camp in town

A 5 Days – 4 Nights all-in-one Leadership and Learning Experience hosted at The Hidden Castle.

‘Excalibur’ is the famous sword of King Arthur of the Knights of the Round Table. One legend has it that the sword could only be pulled out of the stone in which it was embedded by a ‘true king’. Inspired by that legend of the sword, TalentEase has designed a Leadership course that provides children and young adults the all-round skills and values they will need to be successful today as students and tomorrow in the world at work.


This all-in-one XCalibre camp includes –

  • Leadership Training
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • The Tech Track
    • Drone Flying Lab
    • App & Game Development Lab
  • The Creativity Track
    • Movie Lab
    • Drama Workshop & Maker Space

A 3 Days 2 Nights Specialized experience that gives your children the choice of either a Technology Workshop or a Creativity workshop along with the leadership experience and the fun castle experience.


XCelerate Tech Track includes –

  • Core Experience – The Hidden Castle Experience that covers all the Adventure activities, Water sports and games and a focused Leadership Skill input.
  • Tech Workshops
    • Drone Flying Workshop
    • App & Game Development Workshop

A 3 Days 2 Nights Specialized experience that gives your children the choice of either a Technology Workshop or a Creativity workshop along with the leadership experience and the fun castle experience.


XCelerate – Creativity Track includes –

  • Core Experience – The Hidden Castle Experience that covers all the Adventure activities, Water sports and games and a focused Leadership Skill input
  • Creativity Workshops –
    • Movie Lab
    • Drama Workshop & Maker space
Leadership Training

Spread over the 5 days covering skills and values your child or teen will need to succeed today and tomorrow. Eight modules each of 2 hours is run, totalling to 16 intense but enjoyable hours.

  • Future Ready skills and values
  • Specially designed for children and young adults
  • Run by trained and Certified Facilitators experienced at working with children and young adults
  • Video Inputs
  • High energy games and group activities
  • Movie clips
  • Reflection activities
Public Speaking & Presentation Skills


It’s the fear that is greater than the fear of death – the fear of public speaking. 3 out of 4 people suffer anxiety, stress and near-panic at the thought of having to speak in public. But being able to speak in public is a critical skill for success in almost any career.

The best time to start facing this fear and building this skill is early. TalentEase has designed the- Speak Up Public Speaking and Presentation Skills course to do just that.

Your child or teen gets to build this CRITICAL skill NOW.

What will children and young adults gain from taking this course?

  • Understand and practice the vital 4 Ps of Presentation skills
  • Learn how to structure clear, powerful messages
  • Practise crafting relevant content for any kind of topic
  • Learn the art of presentation delivery using a variety of proven techniques
  • Understand the relevance and use of audio-visual aids
  • Build the confidence to master public speaking and conquer stage-fear
  • Benefit from hands-on, mentor-guided practice of the skills of presenting

Intense PRACTICE oriented sessions with immediate feedback. Participants will also be video-recorded so they can watch themselves in action and take steps to improve.

The Drone Flying Lab

Your child gets to learn how to fly a drone and practice flying it using different manoeuvres and challenges. What skills does this build?

  • Building his/her learnability quotient
  • The ability to learn something new
  • To combine physical dexterity with the mental agility and adaptability that is required when flying a drone
  • To learn to navigate the drone through increasingly complex challenges helps build their ability to learn from mistakes and keep improving
  • Helps them grow the value of determination and perseverance and builds the willingness to take calculated risks
The App and Game Development Lab

Your child gets to plan, design and then actually create simple apps and games using basic child-friendly coding platforms. What skills does this build?

  • Helps her think through planning and designing before doing
  • Helps develop a design mind-set by getting her/him to think about end use and work backwards
  • Helps build her/his learnability quotient by picking up a new skill through a process of self-learning, trial and error
  • Helps develop creativity and adaptability skills required to translate ideas into technology solutions
  • Build team work and collaboration as they work in groups to develop the output.

Technology becomes a vehicle to learn, collaborate, experiment, grow and have fun at the same time.

The Movie Lab

The children and young adults will work in groups to plan, write the script for, design, shoot, act in and edit a basic movie. They will use simple camera equipment ranging from smartphones, tablets and cameras. They will be provided basic props and costumes. They will then plan a plot for a short movie, work together to write its script, allot roles to team members who will then direct, shoot, act in and edit the movie. There will be a workshop to brief them on the basic skills and requirements prior to them commencing the lab. What skills will this help them build?

  • The ability to think creatively and yet combine discipline with that creativity to take idea to a final result
  • Learn to work together, identify talents and strengths and accordingly play to those strengths
  • Build the confidence to take on a complex task with many variables, that requires multi-tasking, goal setting and time management
  • Combine the fun with the hard work required to bring any creative art to fruition

The Movie lab acts as a unique vehicle that harnesses the creativity of the children and the young adults, while helping them grow it further. It also helps them build critical leadership and future-ready skills while doing something that they tremendously enjoy. They will also get to showcase their movies and carry back their movie creations.

The Drama Workshop & Maker Space

The children and young adults will participate in a Drama workshop with an experienced theatre performer. They will learn what goes into successful and meaningful drama. What happens off stage to create a magical performance on-stage.

  • Build confidence through practical and intense exercises and performances
  • Learn to tap into their inner creative selves and let the ‘creative genie’ out
  • Learn to lose their fear and inhibitions
  • Learn to express themselves through the vehicle of drama

Besides the Drama workshop the children and young adults will also get to unleash their creativity in a ‘maker space’ – from painting to face masks to pottery they will get to discover what are the ‘maker’ principles, get to make stuff, learn how to make it better, and carry back their creations.

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About Leo Fernandez


Leo brings 20 years of business leadership experience and a passion to ‘make a difference’ to his current role as CEO and Co-Founder of TalentEase. TalentEase is focused on Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders- Today! Through this, Leo, his Co-Founder and team equip children and young adults with the leadership skills and values to be really future-ready. They have reached out to over 20,000 children and young adults through their leadership, skill and value development courses and over 2000 teachers, Principals and Correspondents. He also consults and trains corporate employees and leaders at the middle to senior management level.


Prior to founding TalentEase, Leo was a Partner/Managing Director with Accenture, Singapore a global Consulting, Outsourcing and Technology firm. In that role, he also led business operations for Asia Pacific on the world’s largest HR outsourcing deal between Accenture and Unilever. He also ran outsourcing businesses for other clients covering finance, purchase and other processes across the Asia Pacific region. Some of his large clients have included Johnson & Johnson, GE, the Ministry of Defense Singapore, Singapore Airlines, OCBC Bank, Credit Suisse, Sun Microsystems, Oracle India, Pfizer, BASF , Bharti Airtel, Philips, the Murugappa Group besides other Indian and multi-national companies.

About TalentEase

At TalentEase we have a simple mantra “Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders – TODAY”. We believe that when we work with today’s children and young adults helping them discover their strengths, hone their skills and nurture their values we’re building a better world for tomorrow.

TalentEase was cofounded by Leo Fernandez, a former Managing Director at Accenture, Singapore and Pradeep Anthony, a former Deputy Head HR at L&T Infotech USA. It partners with schools and colleges to provide children and young adults a more relevant and holistic education that includes leadership and life skills and values along with their academic inputs.

About The Hidden Castle

The Hidden Castle is a magnificent castle built right here to give children and young adults the experience that knights and dukes and dames enjoy. Moats, a drawbridge, a secret tunnel, dimmed corridors, a scary tree…it’s got it all.

The awe-inspiring experience begins right from the circular, domed reception hall. It stays with them as they cross the arch bridge with quaint boats plying in the waters under it, intensifies as the drawbridge is lowered in their welcome, maginifies as they enter the Four Seasons hall named after the four marble statues that grace it and reaches a crescendo when they take in the many leisure and adventure activities awaiting them.