Thank you – Zest 2017 – Summer Residency at The Hidden Castle by TalentEase

Give your children and teens the Leadership Summer Camp with a Difference!
Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Choices and a Castle at the center of it all
Thank you for enrolling your kid in Zest 2017 Summer Camp

About TalentEase

At TalentEase we have a simple mantra “Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders – TODAY”. We believe that when we work with today’s children and young adults helping them discover their strengths, hone their skills and nurture their values we’re building a better world for tomorrow.

TalentEase was cofounded by Leo Fernandez, a former Managing Director at Accenture, Singapore and Pradeep Anthony, a former Deputy Head HR at L&T Infotech USA. It partners with schools and colleges to provide children and young adults a more relevant and holistic education that includes leadership and life skills and values along with their academic inputs.

About The Hidden Castle

The Hidden Castle is a magnificent castle built right here to give children and young adults the experience that knights and dukes and dames enjoy. Moats, a drawbridge, a secret tunnel, dimmed corridors, a scary tree…it’s got it all.

The awe-inspiring experience begins right from the circular, domed reception hall. It stays with them as they cross the arch bridge with quaint boats plying in the waters under it, intensifies as the drawbridge is lowered in their welcome, maginifies as they enter the Four Seasons hall named after the four marble statues that grace it and reaches a crescendo when they take in the many leisure and adventure activities awaiting them.